Daniele Paliotta

PhD student @ University of Geneva.


Hi 👋 ! My name is Daniele. I am PhD student in the Machine Learning Group at the University of Geneva, under the supervision of François Fleuret.

In a previous life, I have worked as a software engineer, I have done machine learning at Truelayer, and I have played in Capture the Flag competitions.

I am also a triathlete, an avid reader, and a guitar player. You can follow me on Twitter, or find me on Linkedin.

selected publications

  1. Graph Neural Networks Go Forward-Forward
    Daniele Paliotta, Mathieu Alain, Bálint Máté, and 1 more author
  2. Fast Causal Attention with Dynamic Sparsity
    Daniele Paliotta, Matteo Pagliardini, Martin Jaggi, and 1 more author
  3. Faster Causal Attention Over Large Sequences Through Sparse Flash Attention
    Matteo Pagliardini, Daniele Paliotta, Martin Jaggi, and 1 more author
  4. SUPA: A Lightweight Diagnostic Simulator for Machine Learning in Particle Physics
    Atul Kumar Sinha, Daniele Paliotta, Bálint Máté, and 4 more authors